Refund Policy

2fresh fresh meal kit grocery delivery - authorised F45 Challenge supplier

In order to claim a refund please email, call (and leave a message if we can’t answer) or text us to register the problem you have experienced. Please do this before 10am the following day.

Telephone +61(0)432 290 551

Because we deliver fresh produce  on the ‘same day’ and ‘every day’, it is important that you register any issues with us before midnight on the day of delivery. 

After that time it becomes increasingly harder to investigate what went wrong and find a solution to prevent it occurring again in the future .

Providing photographs or other ‘evidence’ is generally very useful in coming to a quick resolution. Our drivers are required to photograph the meal kit if left at the delivery location and no one is there to sign for the delivery.

As long as we have no contradictory information then we will process the refund within 3 working days.

Possible issues:

  • No delivery
  • Late delivery
  • Damaged delivery
  • Produce quality
  • Missing ingredients
  • Inaccurate ingredients
  • Aged produce / ingredients  

How are we tracking currently with regards to customer complaints? 

After two years of testing the business model we are so confident in our current system that we created our Fresh Guarantee.

So far in 2021 we have had no complaints and made no refunds as a result of any of the above listed issues.

The two refunds we have made in 2021 have been a result of a problem during the ordering process and consequently we delivered a different product to that which the customer had expected to receive. These two instances were due to identifiable issues which have since been fixed.

We welcome all feedback and particularly about the bad stuff.  We see negative feedback as one of the best measures of how we are performing and it tells us what we must improve. Please get in touch. 


Telephone +61(0) 432 290 551