2fresh fresh meal kit grocery delivery - authorised F45 Challenge supplier


We currently deliver to central Sydney Metro.

  • Please check if your postcode is within the region we currently supply by using the pop-up checker.

  • We make deliveries 7 days a week between 1:00pm-6:30pm.

    As part of our Fresh Guarantee:

    • We receive the fresh produce and pack your meal kits during the morning of the same day that we deliver your meal kits.
    • We do not deliver more than three days of meal kits at one time. 

    Customers will generally receive their meal kits every other day. 

  • From time to time we may deliver on consecutive days or with two days in between deliveries. We do this because we operate a flexible production plan to help us smooth demand peaks and troughs and assist with resource planning.

  • IMPORTANT - What do we require from you to make your delivery successfully?

    It is important that we are able to deliver your meal kit with as little delay at the delivery location as possible.

    You do not need to be at the delivery address when we deliver your meal kit. 

    However it is important to:

    • Give us instructions at the time you place your order detailing where to leave your meal kit in the event nobody is available to receive the Meal Kits in person.
    • Provide us with your mobile number so that we can reach you if required at the time of delivery.

    If nobody is at home and we do not have instructions then the driver will try to contact you via the telephone number you have hopefully provided.

    If the driver is unable to contact you then the driver will look for a suitable place to leave the meal kit at the delivery address.

    Suitable is defined as:

    • Not in a location open to the general public.
    • Inside the foyer or entrance area of an apartment block or property is not considered a public place and the driver will leave your meal kits in this situation. It should be noted that without other instructions and if we are unable to contact you we cannot accept liability if the meal kits are stolen or damaged.
    • Under cover and ideally out of direct sunlight.
    • Where the customer can find the meal kit/s.

    If there is nowhere suitable to leave your meal kit then the driver will keep them and continue with other deliveries.

    • If we can redeliver later then we will try again even if we still cannot get hold of you and you haven't contacted us.
    • If you contact us or the driver directly then we will try to make a second delivery once the driver has completed their remaining deliveries. It may be possible to make arrangements to pick up the meal kit from another location.
    • In this situation we are unable to refund you for late delivery.

    Order cut-off

    'Order cut-off' is the time at which we stop taking orders for any given delivery day.

    Order cut-off happens every day at midday for the following day's delivery.

    If you placed your order after midday but selected the following day for your first delivery... we may still be able to deliver your order the following day; however if we are unable to, we will make your first delivery two days after you placed your order instead. In this circumstance we will email to let you know and give you the opportunity to get a refund for your final day should you wish.

    Variations to order cut-off timing:

    From time to time we might need to stop taking orders earlier than the regular midday cut off; again, we will update the website accordingly.

    We will only do this if:

    • We have hit our production capacity limit
    • There is a shortage of ingredients
    • There are extraordinary circumstances. (An example of this might be factors relating to COVID-19 restrictions impacting us in some way.)

    Refunds for late delivery

    If your Meal Kit is delivered late and you wish to claim a refund we will refund you for the a % of the Meal Kit depending on how late your meal kits arrive.

    • From 18:30 and until 19:00 we will refund 5% of your Meal Kit.
    • After 19:00 and until 19:30 we will refund 15% of your Meal Kit.
    • After 19:30 and until 20:00 we will refund 25% of your Meal Kit.
    • After 20:00 you can choose to have
      • Either a new meal Kit delivered 2 days later free of charge + a $10 off a future order discount code.
      • Or receive a refund for 100% of your Meal Kit + a $10 off a future order discount code. 

    See the section - 'Refunds & How to claim'