Collection & Delivery options


Collection works best in our opinion because it saves you money and you can get your box of groceries a time that suits you. No more waiting on delivery delivery drivers that turn up late and leave the box at someone else's house

We will have a few collection points around any regions we service. You just pick a collection point that's good for you, we will get your groceries there free of charge and text you to let you know when they are ready to collect. 

To collect you can:

  • Drive, walk, run (good option), cycle, send a friend in their car, time your little brother or even send an uber to pick it up 
  • Why not team up with someone in your studio to take turns collecting the boxes 
  • We can also suggest 'collection buddies' if you are local to other 2fresh customers
  • We don't mind which but let us know so we don't give your box to someone else 
  • Find out who the local 2fresh rep is from your F45 studio team as they will visit the studios from time to time (or send us an email )



Our deliveries work differently to other similar businesses that use interstate refrigerated hauliers to transport food from one side of Australia to the other. 

We have decided to manage deliveries ourselves at a local level.

This reduces lead time from order to delivery and means  able to take greater care on a one to one basis.

We will be in touch with you ahead of delivery day by email or mobile

Delivery days are: 

  • Sunday before 6pm
  • Thursday between 2pm & 10pm 


Please get in touch regarding any aspects of the Challenge and we will do our best to help